Jayavarman by Heritage Line, Mekong River

The Art Deco charm of 1930's France with the romance of Indochina
The most exotic three- to seven-night itineraries on the Mekong

Mekong Delta | Siem Reap | Phnom Penh

Considered the father of Heritage Line’s refined fleet of cruise ships, Jayavarman is named after the most venerated Khmer monarch, King Jayavarman VII, a devout Buddhist known for his love of the arts. Inspired by the artistic heritage associated with this great Khmer monarch, Jayavarman’s design is also influenced by French cruise liner Normandie, launched in 1935 – marrying the charm of 1930’s Art Deco and French colonial Indochina with Khmer accents.

Thanks to intricate woodcarvings, Khmer bas-reliefs, fine objets d’art and lacquer art works, Heritage Line Jayavarman resembles a floating art gallery, showcasing the skills of local craftmanship. Infused with a scholarly air, Henry Mouhot Lounge is named after the French archeologist who discovered the Angkor temple complex, while the elegant, Indochine Dining Hall and Club 1930 Funnel Bar and Lounge exude a sense of the French-Colonial epoch. Modern comforts cover a deluxe Spa and upper sun deck, supplying not only a Jacuzzi pool but spectacular views of the Delta languidly passing by. Boasting three-and-a-half decks and measuring 57.8m (190ft) from bow to stern, Heritage Line Jayavarman is as spacious as it is majestic. All 27 Staterooms and splendid Signature Suites provide a private balcony and come exquisitely decorated.  

Evoking a bygone era of colonial romance, the luxurious Heritage Line Jayavarman is an unforgettable way to cruise the Mekong River.

Launch: 2009 | Capacity: 54 passengers/27 staterooms | Cruise Duration: 3,4,7 nights

Customer Reviews

One more day of 8 on our Mekong River cruise aboard Heritage lines Jayavarman. we saw all the internet promo's. Well, as great as they are, the experience on board is far more spectacular. THE FOOD. Just perfect and varied. As I am Aussie. the chef got off, bought potatoes and made me chips (spoiled). They can not do enough for you. Only 27 cabins. Not crowded. I have not been so pampered in my life (sorry mum). The scenery, the daily tours if you choose are amazing. I could go on and on, but you need to experience this yourself. Mike, Australia - TripAdvisor.

Everything was first class. There were 54 passengers and we were all well looked after for the week's cruise up the Mekong and its tributary rivers. As it was low tide, we could not get up the Tonle Sap Lake to Siem Reap but we got there on the last day by coach. The cabins all had balconies and were fitted to a high standard and the crew were great. it started with a ship welcome and we were shown our cabins and our luggage was brought to us so that we could settle in. Everything was taken care of and it was all 5star service and the included trips were individual to Heritage Line. It turned out that they support villages in Vietnam and schools in Cambodia so that they are the only cruise line to go to the places that were all included on our trip. These made it a trip to remember for the rest of our lives. Wine with meals was included as were all soft drinks throughout the day and night and the standard of food was first class all the way. We loved it and got to meet some really nice people during the cruise. Melaleuca, UK - TripAdvisor.

We travelled on 'Jayavarman' from Ho Chi Minh City to Siem Reap in August. The cruise was in the low (wet) season, with the vessel at about 75% capacity. The crew and guides (Vietnamese and Cambodian) were fantastic and the vessel luxurious. Excursion were planned daily and we were unobtrusive observers to the hustle and bustle of Vietnamese and Cambodian life on the river. The wide after saloon deck was the social centre of the ship and the popular spot as we cruised upriver and across Lake Ton Le Sap, swelled (and navigable) by the monsoon floods. Highly recommended vessel and line - TripAdvisor.

The Mighty Mekong
Day One: Saigon - My Tho - Cai Be
Day Two: Cai Be - Sa Dec - Tan Chau
Day Three: Tan Chau - Border crossing - Phnom Penh
Day Four: Phnom Penh
Day Five: Phnom Penh – Kampong Chhnang (Tonle)
Day Six: Kampong Cham (Mekong) - Kampong Chhnang (Tonle)
Day Seven: Kampong Chhnang - Tonle Lake
Day Eight: Tonle Lake - Siem Reap
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